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Jinny’s Kitchen

Jinny’s Kitchen

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Jinny's Kitchen 1.Sezon 1.Bölüm izle, Lee Seo-jin finally opens a Korean soul food, snack bar in a small Mexican town, Bacalar with seven-colored lakes! Seojin finally became a CEO/boss after serving as exec. director, exec. VP! A new restaurant will be opened in Mexico, a country of sun and passion, with the K-street food 'Bunsik', which leads the new Korean Wave!The management philosophy is only profit is king! Seo-jin, a business major at NYU who is serious about business! The employees are embarrassed by the completely different appearance after becoming the Boss.From Dir. Yoo-mi, who dreams of becoming King of Gimbap, Seo-jun, who has been reborn as Prince of Kitchen, Woo-sik, who dreams of promotion, and Tae-hyung, the youngest of dreamers! We're all burning up before our first business, butKimbap that keeps bursting at the side! A burning hot dog! It's raining hard as if you're welcoming the opening. Boss, will our first business be okay?

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